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DatacommUNITY, LLC

5 Upper Loudon Road
Loudonville, NY 12211

DatacommUNITY, LLC has a mission to promote standardized communication systems that are interoperable within neighborhoods and communities.

DatacommUNITY, LLC will establish baseline designs upon which communities may build both wired and wire-less infrastructure that will easily integrate into larger systems ranging from personal area networks, to home networks, community networks, and regional networks.

DatacommUNITY, LLC baseline designs will minimize pitfalls such as product obsolescence, minimize waste in effort and equipment, maximize use of currently under-utilized communication assets, and will make re-use of discarded assets.

DatacommUNITY, LLC will develop a relationship based micro-credit system to arbitrate responsible and fair access to shared resources and to promote local economic development.

DatacommUNITY, LLC will offer DatacommUNITY approved products and consulting services to end-users, businesses and community organizations.

DatacommUNITY, LLC will established a multi-level franchised business model when appropriate market conditions allow.

For further information, contact Peter Fiset at peterfiset@DatacommUNITY.com .

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